Attention! On weekends we have a free schedule. Automatic exchange is available 24/7! Exchange operations in manual mode provides during six hours. Support team does not work during the night.


We offer you to pass the registration at our Website in order to active the accumulative systеm of discounts and also in order to have the opportunity to trace the status of your demands and statistics of exchanges.

For your personal account registration please follow this link and fill in the simple form. You have to examine working conditions and to accept end-user license agreement before stating the registration.

1. Clients who have passed the registration get the rite to exploit the accumulative systеm of discounts at commission of the exchange:

1000-5 000 USD — 0.5%

5 000-15 000 USD — 1%

15 000- 30 000 USD — 2%

30 000-50 000 USD — 3%

higher than 50 000 USD — 5%

2. Discounts are established automatically depending on a turnover of each of the directions of an exchange. The turnover is understood as the sum of means according to the executed demands.

3. The discount is calculated in percentage in dependence of the income sum of service.

Attention! You can contact us any time and get the additional discount. For wholesale clients special favorable terms of the exchange work.

P. S. Because of features of a sсript of an exchanger the size of your discount isn’t displayed at your personal account.