Attention! On weekends we have a free schedule. Automatic exchange is available 24/7! Exchange operations in manual mode provides during six hours. Support team does not work during the night.


We offer you to take part in the customer acquisition partner program. You will receive exchange sum present after passing registration in our partner program. After passing the registration you will receive for your choice a lot of various promo-materials (texts, banners) and also the file of export of courses for monitorings. All what you need to do is invite visitors to our website by posting promo-materials at your home pages, blogs, forums, question & answers services, bulletin boards and on other resources. Your link will contain the unique cod which will help to define that visitor came according to the link from you.

For your personal account registration please follow this link and fill in the simple form. You have to examine working conditions and to accept end-user license agreement before stating the registration.

Partner program conditions:

1.Charges and payments according partner program are providing in USD ( WMZ).

2.The minimum sum for removal of the earned money from the partner account makes 15 USD.

3.For every provided exchange operation you will get benefits through you affiliate link at the rate from 0,5% to 5% of the sum of service profit. The percent of assignments depends on the sum of the provided exchange operations according to your affiliate link:

1 000 – 10 000 USD — 0,5%

10 000 – 30 000 USD — 1%

30 000 – 60 000 USD — 2%

60 000 – 100 000 USD — 3%

higher than 100 000 USD — 5%

4. Partner benefits sums may be change over time but all earned means remain on the account according the rates operating earlier.

5. It has to be accurately specified about the services provided by our site on the page where you publish information about us. Any mentions of existence of “free bonuses” on our site are forbidden in advertising texts.

6. It is forbidden for affiliate link posting:


on the sites which are forcibly opens browser windows, or open sites in the hidden frames

on the sites extend any materials directly or indirectly violating the law of Ukraine and the Russian Federation

on the sites publishes lists of the sites with “free bonuses”.

Websites violating one or more of above given roles will be inсlude in our partner program blacklist. Payment for the visitors who came from the similar sites won’t be made.

7. At non-compliance with these conditions the account of the violator will be blocked without payments.

8. The partner bears full responsibility for safety of the authentication data (login and the password) for access to the account.

9. These conditions can be changed unilaterally without notification of participants of the program, but with the publication on this page and in news.

Attention! For active partners other more loyal conditions of the partner program are possible.